About Us

PT Truba Jaga Cita is one company in the group of PT Truba Jaya Engineering. Business our
company engaged in O&M includes several categories, such as industrial plant, cement plant
and power plant and petrochemical plant.
We also continue to strive to expand our business to all areas of O & M, both within the country
and abroad.
We are very confident, as more companies develop, definitely in need of maintenance and
development of their business, and we are ready to help, with the commitment of “Customer
Satisfaction is the Number One”


To be the Most Admired Plant Services & Construction Company
in Indonesia and Competent in Global Market


  • Providing services through quality performance.
  • Aware of environment by prioritization the work safely and healthy.
  • Create added value, satisfaction and the best benefit to stakeholders.
  • Create best image for company.
  • Client satisfaction and repeat order.